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Kobra believes music plays an integral role in connecting, elevating, and healing humanity.

Kobra Paige is a Canadian artist, creating through the medium of music and song writing. She is the founder of two time, Juno Nominated Hard Rock project Kobra and the Lotus. Kobra is currently gearing up for the launch of her second project (2023), heavily focused on topics of social change. Through song and deliberate visuals, this next body of work aims to encourage self-liberation without abandoning the world.



Evolution Album 

The latest music offering from
Kobra and the Lotus

Kobravik - An Illustrated Series

  • Special Edition Illustrated Series book created by Kobra, featuring art by up and coming artist Margaret Matthews
  • 43 unique illustrations
  • High Quality Gloss Hard Cover 6″ by 6″ coffee table book
  • Personalized and signed by Kobra and Tommy. Only 18 available
  • 100% of the profits go to Margaret

Thank you for elevating and supporting the arts.

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Creating The Safe Zone

I don’t know who I am anymore. Every action, thought, experience I’ve had and am having is constantly up for review. How much of myself do I want to take forward into my future? What aspects and characteristics do I want to improve or cultivate? And what parts of myself and the ways I’ve operated belong in the past?

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